Design Think-Tank Challenge

The inaugural Design Think-tank seeks to provide a platform to connect corporates with business challenge statements to strategic design consultancies, who can offer new perspectives and new ways of problem-solving. Corporates are given 10mins to explain and elaborate on their challenge statements and what they hope to achieve or resolve.

Challenge Closing Date
28 Feb 2021 12:00 PM (GMT +8)


IPI has been working with numerous companies to help broker their needs to technological solution providers as well as connecting technological problem owners to solution providers.

Increasingly through its interactions, IPI recognizes the importance of design being an important component in problem scoping and ideation, before diving into any technological solutioning.

It has since been working very closely with DesignSingapore Council (Dsg) to further the narrative of design and technology being both enablers of each other.

Design Think-tank is a pilot platform to test and reach out to corporates, interested in exploring a new methodology to addressing and tackling their challenge statements using a design-led approach.


Corporates will share their challenge statements on the 9th Dec 2020 (actual virtual briefing session). The virtual sharing will be 10mins per company. For the schedule of which corporate is sharing at what time on the 9 Dec, please refer to the Day 3 agenda at TechInnovation Website

Challenge statements will be also shared and listed on this website Click here.

Responders to the challenge statements will be required to submit their proposals by 31 Jan 28 Feb 2021. Please refer to the FAQ segment to see more on submission details.

How to Submit Proposal

Participants are required to register and log in to submit a Project Proposal via the official website of the Challenge ie. at https://design.innovation-challenge.sg/ and the same must be received by the Organiser on or before 31 Jan 12:00PM (GMT+8) ("Submission Deadline"). Browse the challenge statements here.

Proposals must be accurate and complete in all aspects and contain all required information. Incomplete or late entries will not be entertained.



Please note that this challenge is not meant to be a free design consultancy service. DesignSingapore Council does not support free pitching and this has been shared with the participating companies. Interested consultancies are advised to share their points of view or a brief description of an ongoing innovation project that could address a specific design challenge. If the company is keen, it will directly arrange with the designer or consultancy to further discuss how they can work together and formalise a partnership.

Participating Corporates